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I've stripped more than girls in I Hate Luv Storys

I`ve stripped more than girls in I Hate Luv StorysBollywood actor Imran Khan, who plays a womaniser in his new film "I Hate Luv Storys", admits he has stripped more than the girls in the film.

"I have some deadly shirtless songs and scenes. I believe I have stripped more than the girls in the film, " Imran told reports here Monday at DT Cinemas in DLF Promenade, where he was present along with co-star Sonam Kapoor and director Punit Malhotra, to promote the film.

"I Hate Luv Storys" is about two people, who are completely opposite when it comes to romance.

While Jay (Imran) doesn't believe in love, Simran (Sonam) swears by it and has a very Bollywood idea of the emotion. It is set for release July 2.

Dodging rumours of any cold war between him and actor Ranbir Kapoor, Imran said: "I don't think actors should be compared. Every actor looks different and performs differently, everyone has their own strength and weaknesses and are good in their own way."

Imran and Sonam were greeted with much fanfare at the mall. They joyfully interacted with their fans and even shook a leg together for the title song of "I Hate Luv Storys" for their audience.
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Well-Mannered Katrina gets clicked in Spain

Well-Mannered Katrina gets clicked in SpainActress spends time with Madrid fans, even poses for pictures

Katrina Kaif is having a jolly good time in Spain shooting for Zoya Akhtar's Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara.

And apart from shooting with Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar and Kalki Koechlin, Kat has also been spending time interacting with her local fans. Sources reveal that after locals found out she was shooting around Madrid they thronged the set to meet her.

A source says, "Even if she's exhausted, she will make it a point to at least go say hello. And she even obliges a lot of her Indian fans when they ask her to pose for pictures."

Kaif's role in ZMND is that of a flower girl who is carefree and lives a gypsy's life. Apart from developing her look, she will also be required to perform a series of stunts like sky-diving, paragliding and also riding a dirt bike. The actress recently shot a commercial with Farah Khan in Abu Dhabi for an airline.
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I wish I could I have great body like Deepika: Sonam


Sonam Kapoor might have a sleek figure herself, but the actress wishes to have a body like Deepika Padukone's.

"Deepika has a great body and I wish I could have a body like her, " Sonam told reporters here Monday at DT Cinemas in DLF Promenade in Vasant Kunj, where she was with her "I Hate Luv Storys" co-star Imran Khan and director Punit Malhotra, to to promote her new film.

Sonam also dispelled rumours of any supposed cold war between her and Deepika, after she was linked with Deepika's then boyfriend and actor Ranbir Kapoor during the shooting of "Saawariya".

"I don't know Deepika. Then how would I have a cold war with her?" she asked.

Sonam, also denied that she refused to work with Deepika in Rahul Dholakia's "Desi Boys", starring John Abraham and Akshay Kumar.

"The role that Deepika is doing was offered to me before. I would have loved to do it but because I was busy with 'Mausam' and 'Thank You' I could not take it. It later went to Deepika and I am sure she will do a great job, " she said.

Imran and Sonam were greeted with much fanfare at the mall. They joyfully interacted with their fans and they even shook a leg together at the title song of "I Hate Luv Storys" for the audiences. The film is set for release July 2.
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A quick bite that left a bad taste in Imran's mouth

A quick bite that left a bad taste in Imran`s mouthA quick bite left Imran Khan with a bad taste in the mouth... quite literally. The actor, who was in the UK on Friday for the promotions of his film I Hate Luv Storys took ill after tucking into an English pie. He felt queasy and began throwing up soon after.

He muses, "There was something wrong with the pie, " adding that, "that place did look a bit shady, " in retrospect. The actor received medical attention and is now better.

dds Imran, "We reached London early Friday morning. After we checked into the hotel, I went out for a bit. There was a restaurant close by and I settled for a pie. Back in the hotel, I started feeling uncomfortable. I could barely manage a single interview, as I would keep throwing up. I felt terrible all day."

On Saturday, Aamir Khan's nephew took off for Dubai for another round of the film's promotions. "I don't know how I endured the flight but as soon as we landed we had to head for an event at a nightclub. By then, I was feeling worse. I had to consult a doctor whose medication brought immense relief. During all this, my blood pressure also dipped."

The young actor has been travelling with I Hate Luv Storys co-star Sonam Kapoor for the past several days and therefore, has been eating out. He insists, "I am not the type who falls sick after eating out. I have a strong constitution. Guess it just wasn't my day."
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Tushar is Kareena Kapoor's obedient disciple

Tusshar Kapoor goes ga-ga over power yoga!

An enthusiast and a practitioner of power yoga herself, Kareena Kapoor has now got Tusshar Kapoor for a student.

Says a source, "It was during their Hyderabad schedule for Golmaal 3 that Kareena persuaded Tusshar to start doing power yoga. It all started when the Kapoor boy's trainer Pramod didn't come for a few days and Tusshki was left with nothing to do. Bebo asked Ekta's bro to join her during her power yoga sessions."

The actress, who has been doing power yoga for more than five years, says, "Yes, I have been teaching Tusshar, who is a close friend. And now, I have put him onto my trainer. I think yoga is the most natural way to stay fit for life and I recommended it to him. My trainer accompanies me everywhere -- even to Morocco, where I am now."

Adds Tusshar, "Pramod asked me to do either cardio or power yoga in his absence. Bebo asked her yoga trainer Payal to help me out. When I did it for 45 min I realized my gym workouts, cardio and weights were nothing compared to power yoga.

Each and every part of my body was contorted, twisted and pushed through unimaginable stress. I almost died! By the end of it all, I was sweating so much it was fabulous. I felt completely relaxed. After that, for the next few days, Bebo insisted that I do power yoga with her regularly."

Now in Mumbai, Tusshar plans to take up power yoga and do it twice a week. "I can't stop doing weights so Pramod will help me work out five days in a week except Thursdays and Sundays and that's when I will do power yoga.

I will probably be the first hero to do power yoga. My dad (Jeetendra) used to do yoga too but I never thought much about it till now. It's all thanks to Kareena."
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I am an intelligent man, I invest in my wife's jewellery: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar has turned a gold man. He will now be seen endorsing Manappuran Gold Loan. The actor chats up with TWF correspondent Sreya Basu on his new avatar.

Do you have any inclination towards gold?
(Laughs) No…not at all. I am not into gold. You won't find me wearing gold chains, rings, bracelets…I am a simple man and am happy if my basic needs are fulfilled. But yes, my wife (Twinkle Khanna), my mother and my sister love wearing gold. See, with Manappuram Gold Loan, I am endorsing a good social message, not gold.

That means, you do buy a lot of gold for Twinkle…
Nei ji. I am an intelligent man. I don't get her earrings, or bangles or rings, or necklaces. I give her cash and Tina (Twinkle) to help herself with whatever she likes.

You are endorsing gold loan, have you taken a loan so far in your personal life?
Jabse maine hosh samhala hai, I have not taken any loan. We are not from a big background. I don't know if my parents have ever taken a loan or not. They made sure that I don't worry about these things in life; they never let me realize that we don't have so much money. My parents made sure I am never in dearth of anything. As for me, I have not required a loan so far in my life.

What are the areas where you invest?
 I do a lot in insurances, bonds, fixed deposits…I invest in properties. These are the four-five things that I majorly do by default. Besides, I have my own production house. And then, I invest in my wife's jewellery. That's all.

What's the contract period for this 'social message' endorsement?
At the moment we have a very long term association with each other. They are here with a good message that if you have gold, why go for personal or business loans. I find this message logical. So I 'm here. And also, they are the highest taxpayers; so is me…we have many things in common, you know.

Coming to your profession, you are all set to host Master Chef India. From Fear Factor to cookery show, how did things shape up?
When I did Fear Factor, I could identify myself with the stunts. And in Master Chef also, I see myself as someone who can be a part of it. I have done this (cooking), I know the ingredients, I know how to make the dishes.

In Bollywood, actors are categorized. Like Saif Ali Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are romantic heroes, Govinda's arena is comedy, while Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan and you are action stars. Do you support this categorization?
When I started, action was not considered acting. But action is also a form of art. And when an action hero does a comedy film, he is nominated in comic category at the awards functions and he becomes a comedian.

Agar aisa hi hai toh, the one who plays a romantic hero should get nominated in Best Romantic Hero category. Why should he be given Best Actor Award? What I want to say is there shouldn't be any category for anything.

I understand, when an actor does a particular genre well, people remember that particular image. It's hard to erase that image, harder to replace that image with another one, hardest to make the audience accept it.

ike your case?
You can say that. I started out as an action hero…the Khiladi series and what not. Then I switched to a romantic image with films like Dhadkan, and now I am doing comedy like Heyy Baby, Housefull. It's tough, but you can do it with hard work.
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Anurag Kashyap, Danny Boyle want Aamir, not SRK

Anurag Kashyap, Danny Boyle want Aamir, not SRKBombay Velvet, the next film to be made by Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle, will most probably star Aamir Khan in the lead role and not Shah Rukh Khan.

Anurag Kashyap, who is scripting the film, has clarified that they are looking only at Aamir for the lead role and have no plans of approaching Shah Rukh Khan. Anurag believes the role is tailor made for Aamir and they are hoping the 3 Idiots actor will agree to essay it. Anurag will be narrating the script to Aamir in a couple of weeks.

If for some reason Aamir does not agree to the project, Anurag and Danny will consider some other actor, but it will not be Shah Rukh as they believe that he does not suit the character.

Danny had approached Shah Rukh to play the role of the quizmaster in Slumdog Millionaire but Shah Rukh had then turned him down. The role finally went to Anil Kapoor and made him an international star.
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Aishwarya, Abhishek on their married life

Aishwarya, Abhishek on their married lifeAishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan appear on Vogue India's July cover marking it their first shoot together as a couple.

In the interview, Ash tells all those intending to tie the knot to "keep the faith. Believe in it, heart, mind and soul. The body will follow anyway. Be brutally frank with yourself. You are your own best friend."

While Abhishek says, "Everything you think marriage is going to be, it's all that and more. People have joked about marriage for so long that it's come to stick. But it's great fun. Just be 500 per cent sure of the person. Don't do it if you have even an iota of doubt."

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Going nude doesn't bother me nor kissing girls: Imran

Going nude doesn`t bother me nor kissing girls: ImranIf you thought Imran Khan looks yummy without his shirt, imagine him bare. Can't? Maybe you won't have to tax your head over that for too long.

In an interview to Stardust magazine, the actor says, "going nude doesn't bother me, and neither does performing kissing scenes on camera. But only if the role demands it.

These are things that actors cannot shy away from." Suddenly the top of John Abraham's butt from Dostana seems so tame!
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Saif Ali Khan loses 9 Kilos, Gets a new lookSaif Ali Khan loses 9 Kilos, Gets a new look

Saif avoided cameras and paparazzi pictures until his departure to Morocco this week in order to avoid giving away his Agent Vinod look.
But man proposes, Aamir disposes. Aamir insisted that Saif make it to the party at his home last weekend, thereby blowing the whistle on Saif’s carefully-concealed look.
On the eve of his departure to Morocco for the shooting of his second home production Agent Vinod, Saif Ali Khan, completely revamped his look and went into hiding until he left the country.
According to close friends, Saif was apprehensive about the exposure of his special makeover in as Agent Vinod. He has lost oodles of weight changed his hairstyle, and redesigned his entire body language to play a lean spy.
A friend of Saif says, “If Shahid Kapoor in his dad’s film Mausam has modelled his look on Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Saif’s role model for Agent Vinod is Matt Damon in Bourne Identity.”
The special hair styling done by Aalim Hakim, clipping off the long tresses that Saif was lately seen sporting, had been planned for six months. Saif wanted to delay the haircut until the final moment before his departure to Morocco.
Besides that Saif has been working out frantically and toning his muscles to look sinewy, agile and panther- like.
While Saif remained inaccessible for any questions on his makeover for Agent Vinod (he probably thinks even talking about it would invite copycats) his ladylove Kareena Kapoor, willingly and proudly spilled the beans. “Saif has never looked cooler. He has lost 9 kilos in three months. He’s all toned and rippling muscles now. He had long hair for so long that I had forgotten how dashing he looks in cropped hair. Saif has got his hair cropped really short, that’s all I can tell you about his Agent Vinod look. He got it done a couple of days back. Since then he was reluctant to step out of his house. ”
So frightened was Saif of revealing his new look that he refused to show it even to his own parents. Only Kareena had the privilege of seeing Saif’s madeover avatar. Until Aamir’s party.
“And that too only because I’ll see how he looks anyway because I’m his co-star,” laughs Kareena, adding that her look in Agent Vinod would also be unique.
“Aki Nirula is doing my look for Agent Vinod. I don’t think I’ve ever looked the way I would in Agent Vinod. As for Saif, he looks like a Hollywood star for the film. I can’t take my eyes off him.”
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Exclusive! Sanjay Dutt gets candid, talks about wife Maanyata and sisters

Sanjay, how is life been treating you?
Couldn’t be better. I’m happy with my marriage and career and the handful of friends I can trust. I can count them on the fingers of my hands.
What do you think about your mentor Amar Singh turning into a movie actor?
He’s pretty good at whatever he does. He’s quite a movie buff.
Looking back, do you think going into politics was a mistake?
I didn’t go into politics. I did what I had to help Amar Singhji. At that point, I didn’t realize that it was the wrong party (the Samajwadi ). Neither did he. Now he’s started his non-political organization. I wasn’t there for politics. I was there for Amar Singhji. And I’ll continue to be there in whatever capacity I am required. Helping people has always been my first priority. Even when I campaigned during the elections for the Samajwadi Party I was actually looking after Amar Singhji who was very unwell. I was more concerned about him than the party while he was going through his illness than for the party. Now see, what the party has done for him. I’m glad he has dissociated himself from it.
You too have been through your share of betrayals?
That’s what I told Amar Singhji when his party let him down. I told him it was a god-sent opportunity to know who his real friends are.
Your loyalty to Amar Singh remains unchanged?
He’s more family than a politician for me. He has always been there for me during bad times. I respect him for that. I’ll stand by him unconditionally. He’s much misunderstood and even his political party misused him.
How do you meet him that often now?
He doesn’t come to Mumbai that often. But I visit him in Delhi and Lucknow.
Your dad Sunil Dutt was a fabulous politician. Do you think politics is your cup of tea?
As I said I did it for my brother. Otherwise politics is not my scene. Even my father was not really a politician. He wanted to help bring about a change. When he took up an agenda he saw it to the end. He promoted hockey in a big way. I think he was more a social worker. Politics was just a platform to achieve his means. Maybe you’re right. I went into politics for emotional rather than practical reasons.
Your career suffered because of politics?
Not at all. ‘All The Best ‘did well . It came after I joined hands with Amar Singhji. Blue went over-budget.
Why don’t you do a full-on action film?
I think the action films are going through a crisis in this country. We’ve to reach the level of the action seen in Iron Man and Avatar. Sadly our cinema doesn’t have an international market. I wonder why? If Chinese and Korean cinema can have a global market, why can’t we? I think we need to change the way we make our films for the global marketing.
You’re going into film production now?
Yes we got delayed because of the recession. I don’t want to make a small-budget film. My first film has to be on a lavish scale. I think my film with David Dhawan would be the first Sanjay Dutt Production. But first let the industry recover. In my 30-year career I’ve never seen such bad times in the industry.
Are you happy?
Very happy. It has been a 30-year innings. Things have changed so much in the industry. I’m lucky to have survived.
On a personal level?
Oh I am very happy.My wife Maanyata really takes good care of me.
And your relationship with your sisters?
Perfect. Every family has its ups and downs. Our differences came into the news because we’re the Dutts. Every household has its fights. But we can never be apart. We’re the same blood.
Anything that you really want?
All I want is my freedom. I just need that one line from the law, ‘You’re free’. Every day I pray to be free. Otherwise everything is fine, I’ve started working out. And I am back in shape. I don’t drink at all.
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Manisha Koirala turns politician in her first film, post Marriage

Wednesday, Jun 30, 2010
manisha koirala 200x256 Recently, Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala wedded a Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal. The actress has signed her first film, post marriage, where she will be essaying the role of a politician.
In a statement, Manisha said, “I am very happy to get this role. I wanted to act in different films with challenging roles after marriage and this is just perfect. I am looking forward to start working in this film.”
Under the banner of Yograj Cinevista, the film will start rolling once the rest of the cast and crew are finalized.
According a statement issued by the producer, “We are making this women-centric film under the banner of Yograj Cinevista, in which Manisha will be playing the role of a politician.”
In real life, Manisha’s grandfather BP Koirala is the first elected Prime Minister of Nepal. The actress, who debuted in Bollywood in 1991 with Subhash Ghai’s Saudagar, said that she always wanted to play the role of a politician.
Manisha was highly appreciated for her performance in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 1942: A Love Story, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Khamoshi and for Mani Ratnam’s Bombay as well as Dil Se.
She has other projects in her hand apart from this unnamed movie. These include Rohit Kaushik’s Chehere, Deepti Naval’s directorial debut Do Paise Ki Dhoop and director Onir’s I Am series, where she will be seen playing a Kashmiri woman.
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Big B shoots for ‘Kandahar’ in OotyBig B shoots for ‘Kandahar’ in Ooty

Wednesday, Jun 30, 2010
amitabh bachchan south india movie 200x265 This will be his first South Indian project and Amitabh Bachchan is so excited about it. Yeah! Bollywood’s Shahenshah, Amitabh Bachchan has flown all the way down to Coimbatore, from where he’ll be driving to Ooty for the shoot of the first South Indian film project titled ‘Kandahar’. Directed by Major Ravi, the film features Malayalam superstar Mammooty in a lead role. Simultaneously made in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi, the film is produced by Pranavam International at a cost of Rs. 42Crores.
Apart from Mohan Lal, Bollywood’s latest heartthrob Neil Nithin Mukesh and ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’ fame Ganesh Venkatraman will play prominent roles in this film based on the Kandahar Flight Hijack. Academy Award winner Resul Pookutty is likely to be signed for this film.
This morning, Amitabh Bachchan flew all the way to Ooty and will complete his portions within a short span of time. It’s worth mentioning that the actor hasn’t accepted any remuneration for this project as he says that working with India’s finest actors like Mohan Lal means is priceless.
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Sachin Tendulkar: Hair he comes!

 Cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar's looking different these days. The stylish new hair do that he sported in the stands during the Wimbledon match between Serena Williams and Slovakia's Dominika Cibulkova on Saturday is getting thumbs up from the hairstyle experts, though they make it clear that his crop of wavy, thick hair is thanks to some cool styling and not hair weaving or transplant.
"It's a textured cut where lots of wax has been used. He's certainly not got a transplant done as he is gifted with naturally good hair texture," said stylist Jawed Habib. According to Shanti of Hair n Shanti, "To add volume to his hair, Sachin seems to have used styling gel that also gives the illusion of straight and neat hair."
"I cannot even believe how good Sachin looks. He has used a product to tame the frizz n dry curls," said stylist Sapna Bhavnani. "It cud be retexturing, like temporary rebonding meant to smoothen the hair. With such styling, one doesn't have to apply gel everyday," said hair expert Simi Ghai.
Sachin's fans, however, seem least bothered about the technicalities and are raving about the look. "He looks 10 years younger," says Smriti Mehta, 21. "The style is going to be a hit with all youngsters as it is short and smart," said Jay Aggarwal, 32. "He should be titled as the new style icon," said Arpita Gulati, 22.
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Sonam Kapoor's pehli meeting with Punit!

Rapchik Rajni, who has just sashayed her way into my boudoir, claims to have got some inside dope on Sonam Kapoor's first meeting with Punit Malhotra.
Yeah, she - Sonam, not Rajni sillies - can't forget their pehli mulaqat that she can't stop talking about it to whomsoever she meets.
Seems the Kapoor kudi, who has worked with directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Rakeysh Mehra, had to convince herself to say yes to Malhotra's directorial debut. In her own words, "I thought he's such a good looking guy, he should be acting. Why is he directing?"
Fortunately for Punit, when Sonam saw that he had written the script and the dialogue, she realised that "He had something in him," and also that "He's not a bad guy to work with." That's it. And the rest is their 'luv story'.
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Genelia crowned brand ambassador of the year

New Delhi, June 29 (IANS) Actress Genelia D’Souza has been crowned as the Brand Ambassador of the Year by CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Awards. Last year Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan had won the title.
The actress currently endorses nine brands including Cadbury's Perk, Fanta, Spinz, Dabur Vatika, LG Cookie, Virgin, Margo, Garnier and Fasttrack.
"It is an honour that CNBC AWAAZ and the Indian consumers have chosen to bestow upon me and I couldn't be happier. Stalwarts like Shah Rukh and Akshay Kumar have been awarded this prestigious title in the past and I'm only glad that people think I'm worthy of the same," Genelia said in a press statement.
"This award symbolises a bridge between the consumer and the brand and I consider it a huge responsibility. I hope I continue to do even better in the future and I'm sure I will as I have a very strong team with me that helps me build, grow and sustain. My success is as much theirs as it is mine," she added.
The award was announced late Monday evening.
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Will Bebo prove third time lucky?

Kareena (8).jpg
By Hindustan Times
New Delhi, June 30 -- Madhu my Mottu Maid wants to tell me a piece of info on Kareena Kapoor. She says the actress was offered Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion and Page 3, both of which fetched National Awards.
She adds that Bebo, who's now working with the director on his film Heroine, is excited and nervous. Excited because it's one more role in which she'll also have to look ravishing. Nervous because the precedent set is high. Fingers crossed!
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Katrina arranges 'Raajneeti' screening for Salman's family!

By Subhash K Jha
Mumbai, June 29 (IANS) For those who think Katrina Kaif has severed all relations with Salman Khan and his family, there is news. Recently she arranged a show of her latest hit "Raajneeti" for Salim Khan who is proud of the actress.
Talking about arranging the show for Salman's family after they've apparently split, Katrina said: "I wish all these speculations on my personal life would end. Salman's family is the only family I've known in Mumbai. That can't change.
"Of course, I wanted Salim saab to see 'Raajneeti' for very special reason. He has seen my struggle in Bollywood from the start. He's very proud of me."
"Raajneeti" director Prakash Jha said: "Salim saab was full of praise for 'Raajneeti'. He specially praised the dialogues which, coming from him, was a great compliment. Earlier, Salim saab had said what he and Javed Akhtar saab wrote as a cops story in 'Zanjeer' was nowhere near the authenticity of my cops story in 'Gangaa Jal'. He's a generous man."
Salim Khan's generosity was also evident in the call he made to Katrina praising her mature and restrained performance in "Raajneeti".
After tweeting to the entire world that he would definitely like to see "Raajneeti" and raising Katrina's hopes that he'd finally watch one of her films, Salman stayed away from the special screening of "Raajneeti". Salman has not seen a single film of Katrina.
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Bollywood actors Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor promoting their film " I Hate LUV Stories''


Bollywood actors Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor promoting their film " I Hate LUV Stories''at the DLF Promenade in New Delhi.
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Revathy Varmha finalises Ayesha Takia for her next

Mumbai, June 24 (IANS) Southern director Revathy Varmha has finalised Ayesha Takia to play the lead role opposite Anant Narayan in her next film "Hamesha I will love you".
"As the title indicates, the film is a love saga. The moment I finished writing my script, I knew Ayesha would be my first and final choice for the female lead," said Revathy, who teamed up with Ayesha in "Aap Ke Liye Hum", in a press statement.
"The moment I saw Yuvraj Anant at a dinner hosted by the royal family of Bhareh, I knew I had found the hero of 'Hamesha I will love you'."
Anant will be seen as an affable bachelor, while Ayesha will be seen as vivacious family girl. Slated to go on the floors later this year, the film is being produced by Film Feast Creators.
Revathy is currently busy with "Aap Ke Liye Hum", a Hindi remake of 2005 Tamil movie "June R". Jaya Bachchan, Ayesha Takia, Raveena Tandon and R. Madhavan are playing lead roles in it.
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Raavan: Ten times the humour


New Delhi, June 26 -- Ever since Raavan released, jokes about the flick have been doing the rounds via SMS as well as online. HT City gets you the best ones.
* I watched Raavan on my computer. There were RAM issues. * Q: Why wasn't Aamir cast in Raavan? A: Aamir would've waited to grow 9 more heads to make his body perfect for the role. * I really want to crack a lot of jokes about Raavan, but the biggest joke is that it was actually made. * There are 2 types of people in this world - those who are alive and those who are dead. The latter saw Raavan. * Raavan should not have been released in Gujarat. After all, it's a dry state, no? * Just like Ramgopal Verma's Aag, Raavan is "Mani ki Aag".
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Shah Rukh to produce romantic movies for youth!

New Delhi, June 29 (IANS) Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's TV production company Red Chillies Idiot Box is set to produce romantic movies for the youth that will be aired on MTV.
After non-stop music and adventure-based reality shows, MTV is venturing into romantic movies that will appeal to the Indian youth.
The channel has collaborated with two production houses - Red Chillies Idiot Box and Milestone Movies Pvt Ltd - to produce three romantic movies as part of their new series "Luv Reels".
"I feel that it is very important to encourage young talent in an industry where there is such fierce competition. Keeping that emotion in mind, we are very happy to associate with MTV to launch careers of fresh talent," Shah Rukh said in a press release.
With this series, MTV is giving a platform to young aspiring actors, singers and music composers. The makers, actors and content of these movies were shortlisted online and the cast for all three movies was selected after gruelling online auditions. The movies have been shot in London and Mumbai and are ready for release.
"Young people are always looking for fresh forms of entertainment and who knows the pulse of this audience better than the audience itself. 'Luv Reels' is India's first user generated film series and it could potentially be the start of something very powerful," Aditya Swamy, senior vice president (Sales and Marketing), MTV India, said in a press release.
The movies will be on air every Saturday starting July 3.
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John has Queen Rania, Shakira for company

John has Queen Rania, Shakira for company
The actor is set to team up with the Queen of Jordan and the singer to provide education to underprivileged children
Prithwish Ganguly
Actor John Abraham is set to join Queen Rania of Jordan and singer Shakira as an ambassador to provide free education to about 75 million children across the world, who are currently out of school. John is being considered to lead the initiative, which is supported by FIFA, in India. Queen Rania has founded and led the launch of the mission called Goal: Education For All with former English footballer Gary Linekar. Among those who are already supporting her are former British prime minister Gordon Brown and South African president Jacob Zuma.
A source says, "Shakira recently visited Isu'lihle Primary School in Johannesburg to meet the children. She toured classrooms and also taught the children a few dance steps. The initiative is expanding its roots and John Abraham is set to become the ambassador for this cause in India."
Shakira has already praised this initiative. "(The World Cup is) a great opportunity to bring all the attention to issues as important as education. 72 million kids around the world (are) not able to attend school, of which 32 million are African. So this is our chance to make this World Cup's lasting legacy education for all," quoted her as saying.
Though we tried to contact John through phone calls and SMSs, he chose to remain mum.
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Kasab case on slow track as government in no hurry

Kasab case on slow track as government in no hurry
Home ministry says no proposal to deal with terrorist-related mercy petitions separately
Harish Gupta. New Delhi
It's official now. There will be no fast-tracking of the case relating to Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the convict in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.
If the response of the ministry of home affairs to a query on hangings and mercy petitions of convicts is any indication, it will be several years before Kasab is sent to the gallows. It stands in contrast to law minister Veerappa Moily's assertion two months ago that "it's the rarest of rare case and the time has come when we can't delay the process of the mercy petition".
"Is the home ministry considering dealing with terrorist-related mercy petitions separately from that of other convicts?" was the specific question posed by DNA to the ministry. The answer was categorical: "There is no such proposal."
Thus, even if Kasab is held guilty by the Bombay high court and the Supreme Court, and loses all legal avenues available to him, his mercy petition will come at the bottom in the home ministry's books. And even if the ministry clears his case for hanging, the president's office will deal with the dozens of cases already pending for a decision first.
The ministry, perhaps for the first time, also disclosed that there were 29 mercy petitions pending before the government for disposal under Article 72 of the constitution. Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru figures among the 29. There are seven other terrorists facing the death sentence.
The home ministry's response also revealed that out of 29 awaiting gallows, only six are under the consideration of the ministry while the cases of the remaining have been pending with president Pratibha Patil. Patil has been in office close to three years and she has not sent anybody to the gallows yet. In fact, she commuted to life imprisonment the death sentence of R Govindasamy on November 23, 2009.
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Is there a new man in Shweta Tiwari's life?

Is there a new man in Shweta Tiwari's life?
Rumours of her affair with TV actor Abhinav Kohli are doing the rounds in TV circles; her neighbours say they've spotted his car often outside her house
Soumyadipta Banerjee
A few months ago TV actor Shweta Tiwari's estranged husband Raja Chowdhary was in the news for having an affair with starlet Shraddha Sharma. Now, apparently Shweta herself is in a similar position. She is rumoured to be in a relationship with TV actor Abhinav Kohli.
A neighbour of Shweta says on condition of anonymity, "Abhinav often visits Shweta's apartment (in Malad). We've seen his car in the parking lot many times. We've also heard that Shweta has told her close friends that she is looking to settle down again. Some of us heard that Abhinav and Raja had a public fight last year when Raja accused him of dating Shweta."
However, during an earlier interview when she was questioned about the status of her apparent relationship with Abhinav, Shweta had said, "It's rubbish. I don't believe how anyone can link me up with this guy as I don't know him at all."
Despite repeated SMSs Shweta didn't revert back.
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B-Town promotes football in cricket-crazy Indi

B-Town promotes football in cricket-crazy India
Here's how actors like SHILPA SHETTY,RANBIR KAPOOR and SALMAN KHAN are bringing soccer to the forefront in thecountry — from wanting to start a tournament in India topromoting the national team through endorsements
Soumyadipta Banerjee
The Bollywood brigade is pooling in their money and resources to promote football in India. All these celebs have one dream — India participating at the FIFA World Cup one day.
Leading from the front is actor Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra, who have spent a part of their fortune to pursue their dream of starting a football tourney in India.
"It's our dream (of starting a premiere football tournament in India). We, like many Indians, are passionate about football. Raj (Kundra) and I will eventually bring a football league to India. I just need the support of AIFF (All India Football Federation, the apex body for football in India). The local infrastructure (of domestic football) needs to be privatised and more money needs to be spent on it," says Shilpa.
Shilpa and Raj have already started scouting for support from their friends and the response has been very positive.
"We have eight corporates supporting us (for the football league). So, you can expect to see football done professionally in India soon. It is just a matter of time. Football is Raj's first love. He is British born and brought up in the UK (where most young men are passionate about the game). I guess that explains it all," she added, explaining why she is so passionate about organising the tournament.
Another star who is lending his brand value to the game of soccer is Ranbir Kapoor. Sources confirmed that Ranbir will be promoting the Indian national football team.
"Ranbir is an avid football player himself and has grown up playing football. An electronics company has approached Ranbir to do an advertisement for football and he has readily agreed to it. Ranbir is interested to do as many advertisements as possible to promote the Indian team," says a source.
A senior official from AIFF also confirmed about Ranbir's involvement with the endorsement.
Last but not the least is Salman Khan who has given his consent to continue as the brand ambassador for the AIFF.
"Salman will be the mascot for football in India on behalf of AIFF. He will visit football camps, will appear at football tournaments and will be promoting the game to the younger generation of the country. He won't take a penny for doing all this," says a close aide of the star.
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Katrina has a new 'strategy'

The actor wants to start a film marketing house; says the decision comes from her love for numbers
Prithwish Ganguly
Actor Katrina Kaif plans to become an entrepreneur soon. She is nurturing the idea of opening a firm that looks at film marketing.
Katrina says, "I definitely want to start the film marketing division at the earliest. I'm basically seeking the guidance of my friends and colleagues about this and how to go about it. Film marketing has always intrigued me as it's both exciting and challenging to see how a strategy to sell the product in the market and even to the audiences is made," Katrina says.
The actor adds, "Film marketing right now is the most important factor to see how a film travels in this clutter of content. First, rarely does only one film release in a week; so there is internal competition. Plus, competition from Hollywood is also a factor in the urban cities. A well-marketed product will always have an upper hand in this cut-throat competition where the first weekend makes all the difference and a film is labeled a hit or a flop."
Katrina has always been intrigued by numbers. "My decision to open a film marketing house comes from my love for numbers. I have always had numbers on my fingertips. Most people in the industry know that I remember most of the collection data by heart. So, I exactly know when a film that has not done well is claiming to be a hit. I want to bring a highly professional attitude at looking at marketing on the table and of course I will have veterans and really crafty people with strategies looking after my firm," she says.
Reliable sources close to the actor add that she is currently mulling over where to buy a property to start her venture.
"It could be anywhere between Bandra and Andheri given this is the stretch that Katrina also frequents while going for a shoot to the studios. She has expressed to her really close friends and colleagues that it is Bandra or Khar that she is targeting. The actor will begin her search for an office space soon," ends the source.
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Asian potboiler

Hosts Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to fight for continental supremacy from today
Dambulla: India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni believes the rest given to the senior players has done a world of good to their game and they will play to their potential in the Asia Cup starting on Tuesday.
Dhoni welcomed the return of the senior players and hoped they would keep intact, if not enhance, their reputation.

"It is good to have all the senior players back. They have worked on their fitness. During the break they have also worked on their skills, which they couldn't have done during the season," Dhoni said.
"I am confident that they will perform to their potential," added Dhoni.
India had fielded a second string unit under Suresh Raina's captaincy for the tri-series in Zimbabwe where the rookies finished last.

Dhoni, however, refused to be harsh on the youngsters who struggled in Zimbabwe, saying too much should not be read into their back-to-back defeats against Zimbabwe.
"We lost to Zimbabwe but we beat Sri Lanka. You have to understand that we have had fitness issues with our bowlers and we do not have experienced fast bowlers. The series in Zimbabwe has given us options in playing young fast bowlers.
"There is a huge difference between domestic and international cricket. Only by playing would our younger bowlers be able to bridge the gap. The series has given us an opportunity to play youngsters and prepare them for international cricket," said Dhoni.
He deemed India would be under pressure to win the Asia Cup.
"When you are representing your country you are always under pressure to perform. This will be a tough assignment as it would not be easy to beat sides like Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The competition is bound to be tough," said Dhoni.
India are expecting six players to arrive from Zimbabwe and will play their first match against Bangladesh on Wednesday.
The opening tie will be played between Sri Lanka and Pakistan on Tuesday. Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara reckoned a victory would help Sri Lanka in preparing for the World Cup which is to be hosted in the sub-continent next year.
"The Asia Cup is unique and prestigious. We could take confidence from a triumph here to build the team and in preparation for the ensuing World Cup," he said.
Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi, on his part, emphasized that every tournament was important for Pakistan.
"We will keep our focus on this tournament to prepare for the World Cup. I can tell you that we haven't brought youngsters here on a holiday," said Afridi.
Afridi hoped that comeback pacer Shoaib Akhtar would perform well.
"He has worked hard on his comeback. He wants to prove to everyone that he can perform as he did in the past," said Afridi. —PTI
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Clean sheet in T20

Clean sheet in T20
India beat Zimbabwe by seven wickets to notch up back-to-back victories; Raina finds form with an unbeaten 72
Harare: Skipper Suresh Raina led from the front with a blistering 72 as India signed off their Zimbabwe tour with a comprehensive seven-wicket win over the hosts in the second and final Twenty20 International here on Sunday.
Chasing 141, India made 144 for three in 18 overs at the Harare Sports Club ground with Raina dispatching Chris Mpofu to boundary for the winning runs. Tatenda Taibu earlier top-scored with 45 and shared a 43-run stand for the fourth wicket with Charles Coventry (28 off 13) to steer Zimbabwe to 140 for five. Raina stepped on to the field after the fall of Naman Ojha (10) in fifth over and stayed till the job was done. Along with Murali Vijay (46), Raina shared a 79-run stand for the second wicket, which set up the second comfortable Indian win in as many days.

Raina's 44-ball knock had six fours and two sixes in it. After an ordinary show in the three-week tour, Vijay finally got some runs under his belt and the Chennai batsman would be relived after playing a good hand in the Indian win. Vijay and skipper Suresh Raina batted with ease and were hardly troubled by the host bowlers.
Earlier, confident of chasing down whatever the hosts would put on board, Raina yet again invited the hosts to bat but despite having them in clutches they leaked too many runs in the second half to allow them a come back in the match. While in the first 10 overs India conceded just 47 runs including a mere five boundaries, spinners struggled to keep the run flow in check.
Indian pacers, especially Ashok Dinda, were exceptional and did a tremendous job. The Bengal medium-pacer gave away just 15 runs in his four-over quota and took two wickets. —PTI
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Football fever? Not quite!

Football fever? Not quite!
If you think football is the most popular game in the world, think again! It seems the game doesn't provide an adrenaline rush to quite a few people...
Kritika Kapoor
If you get your head snapped off each time someone says 'soccer', or if you are the Scrooge of FIFA who screams 'Bah! Humbug!' at everyone trying to spread the football cheer, then you are not alone.
TV actor Urvashi Dholakia says, "My son is a big fan of the game and so I end up watching it with him. But given a choice I would rather go out with friends or watch something else on TV."
Meanwhile, for TV actor Sanjeeda Sheikh, football loses out to sleep. "I have found the perfect thing to do on the day of the matches. I'll catch up with some much-needed sleep," she says.
Another TV actor Smriti Irani, who will reluctantly watch the matches because her family members do so, says, "I would rather be cheering for Sachin Tendulkar any day!"
Actor Dipannita Sharma-Atwal says, "I would do anything but watch football. My husband hogs the TV and that really annoys me. Though there are a lot of football-related events this month, nothing can make me go and watch the game."
Actor Sonal Chauhan, meanwhile, has some advice for all those running away from the FIFA hysteria: "Hang out with like-minded people and leave the soccer fans alone. I'd rather shop, watch movies or dine with friends."
RJ Tarana Raja seems to have found the perfect cure for her football blues. "My husband is completely crazy when it comes to football and so I have abandoned him for a month. I will be going to Hong Kong and Goa with my friends. A healthy dose of girls' night outs should help me," she ends.
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Karisma-tic development

Karisma-tic development
Actor KARISMA KAPUR bonds with dad RANDHIR KAPOOR in hospital after he falls sick; the duo hardly spoke to each other all these years after Randhir got separated from wife Babita
Prithwish Ganguly
Looks like actor Randhir Kapoor's sudden illness has brought his distanced daughter Karisma Kapur close to him. The veteran actor, who is still reported to be estranged from his wife Babita, was recently admitted to a hospital after he fell ill. As soon as she got information about her father's illness, Randhir's elder daughter Karisma rushed to be by his side.
A source says, "It was a touching moment for Randhir to be looked after by his daughter with whom he has hardly spent time after his separation from Babita."
Randhir's younger daughter Kareena Kapoor was apparently out of town. Babita and Randhir parted ways many years ago after the birth of their daughters.
The source adds, "Randhir's illness proved to be the perfect occasion for them to catch up on lost time. He was also touched seeing his daughter do everything for him from keeping a check on his diet to making sure that he's having medicines on time. The father and daughter have certainly broken the ice as they bonded over some hearty conversations once Randhir started feeling better. Both got nostalgic too about the years they didn't spend with each other."
Sources also indicate that Babita too visited the hospital to meet her estranged husband. "It was the best moment for Randhir's family as they were all united in crisis," the source ends.
Both Karisma and Randhir decided to remain unavailable for a comment therefore neither denying nor confirming the story.
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Monitor your child's TV viewing habits

Monitor your child's TV viewing habits
Denying a child access to television does not amount to inflicting mental cruelty, ruled the Bombay high court. Parents should know what children are watching and need to limit their viewing time, finds Speak Up
Speak Up
Excessive television can cause emotional disorders
Isolation is one of the biggest problems faced by children in the urban set-up. It creates a feeling of loneliness and leads to many psychological problems. A child, who interacts with people of different age groups, develops interpersonal skills and has a healthy state of mind. However, with a rise in the trend of nuclear families in which both parents work, children do not find anyone of their age to talk to. This makes them crave for a meaningful relationship, which is not fulfilled by any of the parents.
Television helps to relieve depression and this feeling of loneliness. It's like a virtual world for children. Thus, it diverts the child's attention and contracts the psychological damage caused by lack of absolute relationships. However, a study shows that watching television decreases the metabolic rate in children below 10 years. Those who watch it for more than four hours a day are likely to become overweight. Compulsive television viewing is an addiction. Often, the television may also reveal things that adults may not want children to know. Excessive television can create emotional disorders like anxiety, fear, phobias, childhood stress and eating disorders. It also reduces children's learning abilities and affects their academic achievements. Moreover, their thought process becomes shaped by values imparted through a medium, which is only meant for entertainment and has no qualitative or moral relevance most of the times.
A blanket ban on television viewing is not advisable. As a parent, it is important to control the number of TV watching hours. Secondly, the television should be in a common room where it can be viewed by the entire family. Personal watching of television (in children's bedroom) should be avoided. It should be turned off during meals and the family should get together at least once a day to discuss the day's events through a casual conversation. Children should know and feel that they are an important and integral part of the family and their feelings and problems are taken care of.
—Gayatri Pande, psychological counsellor

Unbridled access is a major problem in most homes
Television watching habits have become a major problem in many households, especially among housewives and young children. There are several aspects to it; firstly, long and extensive viewing can be a problem for vision. It can affect other tasks — like domestic chores in the case of women and homework and school assignments in case of young children. Some children are hooked on to cartoon channels and stay glued to the TV set for close to four to five hours during vacation time. They want no interference then and become abusive and start fighting with parents and guardians, if they are interrupted and counselled. Moreover, the ambience in the house is also disturbed on this account. Some members may come back home after a long day at work and want some peace. At times, children even compromise on their dinner just to watch their favourite programmes. Schools should encourage children to watch quality television channels on history and geography.
—Dr Sukhdev Khadtare, General Surgeon

Even innocuous cartoon shows are violent in nature
The average time that children spend watching television has increased. It's because there are a number of TV shows and dedicated cartoon channels that attract children. However, all TV shows are recreational in nature with just a few being educational. Mostly cartoon shows are violent in nature, they have a deep impact on the psyche of a child. At a growing age, children need more physical activities. But parents find it very difficult to dissuade children from watching television. There are various reasons why children are addicted to television. In many cases, parents themselves are captivated and keen to watch various shows. Children only emulate them. Sometimes parents want time for themselves, so they inculcate the habit of watching TV among children.
Watching television for a long time is not good for children. Hence, if you want to curb your children from watching TV, parents must limit their TV time and not watch it when children are at home. Parents must engage children in activities like outdoor sports, dance, music and painting.
—Neha Patel, child psychologist

Allow only a limited TV viewing duration
My children get only three hours to work on the computer or watch television in the house. Rest of the time, they are engaged in their studies and hobby classes like swimming, soccer and chess. The good thing is that I don't need to monitor them always because they hardly get time to watch television. I trust them a lot and in turn, they respect my liberal attitude. They are quite disciplined when it comes to following the rules of the house. They watch few programmes like detective serials and films. —Pooja Bedi, actor

Real growing up happens outside the world of television
The Bombay high court verdict in this case is absolutely right. Children are highly receptive and easily influenced by what they watch on television. As they do not understand right from wrong, parents need to rationalise and filter what they watch so as to maintain a balance of what they learn from it. There is so much violence on television now that you have to filter it out. I also do not believe that this is a real loss as television provides a complete package with ready visuals and audio whereas when children read books, they have to create their own images, thus using their mental faculties. As it is, real growing up happens outside the world of television. Consider this: when you play a game like football, you need hand-eye coordination and constant mental alertness. Television robs you off that ability.
—Deepak Dalal, Children's Writer

It should not affect their performance in school
I allow my children to watch television, but not during examinations or crucial years. It is definitely a distraction. When children have holidays, it is okay but once school starts, they should be able to concentrate on studies. It should not affect their academic performance. The age gap between my children is three years and the younger one is in standard X this year. So, the television viewing at home has gone down a lot over the last three years. I do not think television is entirely bad, but it's not good either and can affect a child's academic performance if watched in excess.
—RK Sontakke, parent

If used wisely, it can add to a child's development
T do not believe television is bad for children. In fact, if used wisely, it can add to a child's development. We have an orientation, where we ask parents to let children watch television, but to monitor their viewing. Television has many useful programmes and cartoons nowadays. It is not all junk. Take National Geographic and Discovery for instance. I also remember a cartoon called Dora, the explorer, which inculcated inquisitiveness and a will to explore in children. In our programme, we show children educational DVDs along with cartoons to take their mind off the regular curriculum.
—Ketan Gala, director, Leapbridge International Pre-school

Thinking just stops when the television is on
Television is a strong medium today and a popular choice of the masses. In fact, it is also responsible for addictive behaviour among users. Children are the latest victims of this tool. Watching television for hours together takes away their skills of imagination and visualisation. When you read books, you try to visualise every sentence. Moreover, books stimulate your brain and make it active. This is crucial for the growth of reasoning power. Television does not leave anything for children to do as the sounds and visuals are handed on a platter. We have become helpless with the modern technology that has been forced on us. However, it is definitely playing with children's psychology. It is no surprise that nowadays there are so many deranged youngsters who suffer from obsessive and compulsive behaviour.
—Prakash Kesarkar, Senior Citizen

Do not use the medium as a pacifier or babysitter
When you have children in the house, cartoon channels will rule the television. Children have an inseparable bond with them; they laugh, learn and get entertained. I can vouch safely for channels like Animal Planet and Discovery, which are educative, art based and also instill creativity among children. Mythological serials may inspire children to become courageous. However, not all viewing is entirely innocuous.
Watching a lot of TV reduces social skills, limits reading and impedes normal family life. Besides, persuasive advertisements that come at the end of each show egg the new generation to spend. We must ensure that we don't use the medium as a pacifier or babysitter. Limiting your own television viewing and choosing programmes carefully will help your child do the same.
—Rashika Vazirani, lawyer

Too much of anything is bad, so limit TV viewing habits
Watching television is not bad, but it should be in limit. Children should be allowed to watch cartoons that are not violent or use abusive language. Once they are a little older, National Geographic and Discovery are good choices as these channels provide general and scientific knowledge. Films are okay as long as children do not go overboard. In case, a child has a special talent in singing, acting or dancing, he should be allowed to watch certain programmes that will help him harness his abilities. Entertainment is not everything and too much of anything is not good.
—Satish Gaikwad, parent

Nowadays, parents are unaware about viewing habits
Yes, these days children love spending time in front of the idiot box. I don't think it's a good phenomenon. Sometimes, parents are unaware about what their children are watching. Even children do not like to be told about what to watch on television. Usually, during the vacations, children spend time watching TV or playing computer games. Limited viewing is acceptable and that is less than two hours a day. Rather than reprimanding children for watching TV, they should be kept occupied in activities and hobbies like arts, craft, sports, music and reading books, that they enjoy. Playing indoor or outdoor games is also a good option rather than passive TV watching.
—Surendra Lad, proprietor
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Thundershowers arrive, but wait on for monsoon

Thundershowers arrive, but wait on for monsoon
Alok Deshpande. Mumbai
A parched city heaved a sigh of relief when the heavens opened up late on Saturday night accompanied by deafening thunder and lightning. Though the activity heralds the arrival of the monsoon, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said the city would only experience thundershowers this week. Rains are likely to be delayed by a couple of days.
"It (pre-monsoon thunder) is a welcome sign for the city as its presence indicates the arrival of the monsoon," said RV Sharma, deputy director-general, IMD, Mumbai. "The multi-layered clouds formed in the sky from the past two days will result in thundershowers throughout the city for the next few days."
The IMD said the monsoon has reached the Arabian Sea, but its progress depends on the wind push. It said the combination of thunder and corrective clouds will continue to cause thundershowers in the city.

Clouds in the northern parts of Mumbai have yet to reach saturation point due to lack of moisture; therefore,monsoon will be delayed in these areas as well.
The IMD forecast for the next two days also mentions thundershowers in Konkan and Goa, which have already been covered by the monsoon. Drought-prone Marathwada and Vidarbha will have to wait a bit longer - it would take two to three days for the rain to progress to these areas, according to the IMD.
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Two teenagers feared drowned at Juhu beach

Two teenagers feared drowned at Juhu beach
Duo entered water despite warnings of high tide
Priyanka Sharma. MUMBAI
The feast of St Anthony celebration ended tragically for two teenagers on Sunday morning. Alix Vijayadharan, 17, and Rostren D'Cruz, 16, who had gone to Juhu beach to enjoy the last day of their summer vacations, are feared to have drowned due to strong currents and a rough sea.
The rescue operation launched by the fire brigade and the lifeguards, which continued till late into the evening, proved futile; the duo could not be located. The search was abandoned after sunset and will be resumed at sunrise on Monday, fire brigade officials said.
According to the Santa Cruz police, which registered an accidental death case, eight friends, including Vijayadharan and D'Cruz, had gone to the beach, accompanied by their neighbourhood 'aunty' Catherine Tellis, 52.
The police said the incident occurred at around 10.20am. "The group had reached the beach at 9am and were playing football," said KMM Prasanna, deputy commissioner of police.
"The other children kept warning them, but they said they were taller and could withstand the waves." The two did not realise how far they had gone and were soon trapped in the high tide.

Satveer Singh, a private lifeguard, said, "We had warned the boys to stay away and not enter the sea, but they didn't listen. We rushed towards the sea after hearing people scream, but could not save them because of the strong water currents."
D'Cruz is a standard X student, studying in Holy Family School in Andheri (east), while Vijayadharan is in standard XII, studying in St Xavier's college in Vile Parle (west). Both of them, along with their group of friends, are residents of the D'Cruz chawl, Andheri (east).
Tellis, a heart patient, collapsed immediately after the incident and had to be rushed to the nearby Sanjeevani Hospital for medical treatment. She was admitted in the ICU.
This is not for the first time that such a mishap has occurred at the Juhu beach. Last year, more than 30 people drowned there. "We do try to caution people and tell them not to enter the sea during high tide. A high tide schedule has also been put up on the beach but people never pay heed to it," said Sunil Kanojia, who runs Sea-Guardian, a voluntary life guard association.
The Juhu beach has a 4.5-km-long coastline, and has only three Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation lifeguards to guard the entire stretch. Eyewitness Ramu Solanki said that there was only one civic lifeguard patrolling the beach on Sunday morning. "Even he was missing from the scene when the two youngsters were screaming for help," Solanki said.
It becomes especially difficult on weekends when more than 20,000 people throng the beach, said Naville David, president, Juhu Beach Lifeguard Association. "There is a dearth of lifeguards and the few who are deployed are ill-equipped to avert any untoward incident," David added.
— With inputs from Poornima Swaminathan

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The Strange fighting female footballer who leaves her opponents quaking in their boots

A hard-tackling, hair-pulling female footballer has become an internet sensation after a series of violent fouls were caught on camera.

Elizabeth Lambert was suspended from her university team after being seen hitting, kicking and, in one instance, pulling an opponent down by her hair during a game.

Millions of people have watched clips of the American defender’s bad behaviour online since the footage was filmed last Thursday.

Kit Vela, her coach at the University of New Mexico team, said: ‘Her actions clearly crossed the line of fair play and good sportsmanship.’

At one point during a match against Brigham Young University, Lambert, tugged a player's hair so hard that she was pulled to the ground

The New Mexico player has apologised for her actions but she could still face further disciplinary action over the incident.

She said: ‘I am deeply and wholeheartedly regretful for my actions.

‘My actions were uncalled for. I let my emotions get the best of me in a heated situation. I take full responsibility for my actions.’

Now watch the video of Lambert in battle...

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